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commute and following the rest of it in a few minutes. >> bad news for the unemployment rate and twinkie lovers, hostess is going out of business and blaming its employees. >> 5:00 on this friday, wet friday. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. few sprinkles but later on, full-fledged rain. >> kristen: mike is here with the latest. >> good morning. there you see down to sonoma down to napa these are blue radar returns. a little bit of green mainly just drizzle to possibly a little bit lighter rain. you can see heading over to oakley and brentwood, nice radar return in the eastern sections of contra costa counties. we are starting to see some of the greens get closer. with the steady rain still about half an hour away.
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it will continue to march over the bay area. all of us will have rain around 7:00. not this morning, we have a chance of showers throughout the day. temperatures in the mainly low to mid 50s. have a lot of patience. good morning. pretty light right now. we will have a little bit of dampness coming across the golden gate bridge. taking a look at the bay bridge. no moisture here and very light traffic at this hour heading into san francisco. road work in the westbound direction on the two right lanes will be picked up. macarthur maze, no delays here. eastbound 4 at leverage, freeway closed for half an hour. westbound still a very nice drive. >> kristen: breaking news. hostess the maker of twinkies
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saying it is closing plants nationwide in the middle of an employee strike. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. hostess has a plant here in the bay area. >> yes. in oakland, we know those workers have been on strike. we don't know what this could mean for the bakery but hostess is closing up shop. they are blaming the strike. ceo says they will move promptly to lay off the 18,500 employees and highest bidders. hostess gave them a deadline on wednesday if a sufficient number of them did not return to work last night the company would be forced to shut down and workers did not show up. the strike began back on november 9th when they imposed a contract that would cut wages by 8%. they said it would have cut
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benefits by 27-32%. union president is saying that hostess brands is making a mockery of the labor relations system that that has been in place for hundred years. they say we deeply regret the necessity of today's decision but we don't have the financial resources to beth an extended nationwide strike, unquote. closures at the hostess plants could begin as soon as next week november 20th. >> eric: new this morning, score one for oakland police. a known gang member is under arrest after being busted by an off-duty police officer at a popular san francisco restaurant. they say the officer was at a steakhouse for his wife's birthday dinner when he saw the suspect in the restaurant. they notified the restaurant that set up a tactical force
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with police. they arrested him when he came out. they just served a search warrant in vegas hours looking for him. he is now suspected in several shootings and home invasion. >> kristen: david petraeus resigned a week ago as c.i.a. director because of an extramarital affair. this morning the retired general appears on capitol hill one hour from now to talk about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. here is the latest from washington. >> reporter: general david petraeus heads to capitol hill today to face lawmakers. he will meet behind closed doors with the house and senate intelligence committee. it comes after a week he stepped down a as c.i.a. director after admitting to an extramarital affair. >> he went to tripoli. he interviewed many of the people as i understand it that were involved. so the opportunity to get his
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views i think are very important. >> the september 11th attack in benghazi left four people dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. yesterday they heard from the acting c.i.a. director behind closed doors and watched a realtime video of the attack. >> number one mistakes were made and we have to learn from this. >> there have been many questions about the attack. the obama administration initially blamed it on protests over an anti-muslim video. that story latest shifted raising questions about what the administration knew and when they knew it was a terrorist attack. >> i don't think the intelligence community in any way politicized they were providing to members of the administration or congress. they gave us our best initial assessments. >> when he testifies he is expected to give a timeline of events. there has been focus on his
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affair and whether thinks conduct compromised national security. he is expected to talk about the benghazi situation. once they complete the hearings, they expect to hold a public hearing to disclose information that isn't classified. >> eric: in the middle east, israel offered to suspend the offensive at the gaza strip during a visit by egypt's prime minister but the offer didn't hole hold. fighting escalated sharply overnight. dozens of missiles exploded in gaza city. missiles also targeted about 150 other sites that they used to fire rockets at israel. fighting erupted with first ever hamas area in the tel aviv area and israel is calling up reservists.
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>> kristen: rain is big concern in daly city after a huge mudslide prompted crews to take pro-active measures. a broken water pipe sent nearly 98,000 gallons of water down on a hillside. most of it has been hauled away except for what accumulated on hillside park. what residents fear this rain and what is coming may carry mud down their street for a second time. let's take a live look at the area right now. you can see not really any rain yet maybe just a little damp. amy hollyfield will have a live update in the next half-hour what the city is doing to prepare for the wet weather that is certainly heading to daly city. an aging pipe is being blamed for this water main break in the sunset district last night. the pipe burst left three blocks of home without water.
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it took nearly six hours to make repairs. >> a husband and wife charged with murdering east bay school teacher are scheduled to be in court. darnell did not enter a plea and his wife has been charged in the case. she was extradited from washington state where they were arrested last month. they charged in the murder of 55-year-old suzy coe that was killed in her home. they were arrested after being spotted having drive her car in seattle. >> they have released a sketch of an armed prowler. they say the man burst into an apartment on wednesday night. one of two teenage women inside fought off the prowler. man away with substantial injuries to his face and possible stab wounds. >> salvation army is kicking off a one day turkey drive where donors can drop off a turkey at
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drive-thru. bay area charities need your help. in san jose laces like sacred heart plan to distribute food baskets but also face a turkey shortage. salvation army's annual turkey drop is located at 850 harrison street. they can accept your donation this afternoon. you can find the details on charities throughout the bay area on our website at >> eric: thanksgiving less than a week away. some started traveling today. if usual going to go to sfo it could be a little wet. >> if you are going to drive make sure the wipers are new. >> that is good advice. we'll have flight arrival delays
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into sfo as we have showers moving in as we speak. burlingame, san mateo as you come off the bridge running into water all the way into half moon bay and down to san carlos. also around heading towards daly city and south san francisco and up to ocean beach is where we have rain. we have a shower moving through right now. higher elevations through la honda road, alpine road. this will be heading towards east palo alto. so 280 and 101 will get wet. solid water still about half an hour, 20 minutes to half an hour away from the coast. any time today we always have a chance of rain. temperatures are going to be in the 40s and 50s this morning. 50s and 60s from noon until 4:00. let's map out the weekend. we have wettest day tomorrow, morning showers on sunday.
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sunday afternoon should be dry. >> we have a situation here in the emeryville area on 80 westbound. this is stalled big rig right here in the second lane from the right and a stalled car with somebody out of car right here behind it. just before powell street after ashby, westbound 80, very careful in the area. cars are coming up quickly. there is somebody walking across the freeway. you can see the flashlights and cars are beginning to stop. dangerous situation on 80 in the emeryville area. this san mateo bridge commute. it is looking good in the westbound direction. no delays headed in the eastbound direction. central valley, still looking pretty good towards livermore. delays here. 15 minute from altamont. here is a look at drive times, san mateo bridge from hayward over to foster city, 101 to
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marin county and 80 east shore freeway, stalled big rig near powell street. next the effort by some state lawmakers to triple the vehicle license fees you pay, where they want that money to go. >> eric: how much is the kitty in the window? it's a sure sign that the holidays are here.
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good morning, live shot of
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emeryville 80 westbound, stalled big rig in the center of your screen. chp had all lanes block. left three lanes are getting by but the big rig is still stopped expect delays in the emeryville area backing up towards richmond. >> kristen: 5:15. new development of a berkeley man beaten to death by a trespasser. his family is suing the police department for wrongful death. he was killed last february by a man currently receiving treatment at a state psychiatric institution. he called police after the man refused to leave his property. officers were busy that night because of an occupy oakland protest. when he went outside he was beaten to death. >> a controversial plan to triple the cost of registering your car in.
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there are doubts that lawmakers will be able to push through another tax. proposed formula 1.5% of the valuable of the vehicle. they want to be a constitutional amendment and it will be dedicated only to roads which means voters need to approve it. it could raise $4 billion a year for roads. >> we think it's time to step up and try to address the state hoe and local street and road repair needs. >> if you tripled by tax for my car, i mean, you basically taken food out of my kids' mouth. >> eric: they approved a temporary tax hike on themselves to save public schools. they say another tax measure wouldn't stand a chance. >> kristen: a california election is one of the most
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expensive races is over. a democrat has ousted dan lungren. he had refused to give up but with most ballots counted. he captured 49% to barrera's 51%. they spent $8 million on this race. >> eric: when the real rain is going to move into the bay area. >> it's going to affect the peninsula. good morning. we made it to friday and made it to date where the rain is going to start taking over the forecast. here is the embarcadero where it's a little wet. a little drizzle this morning. best chance of rain right now is just south of this area. you can see it on live doppler 7-hd. it is right around daly city. pacifica heading down towards san mateo.
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the entire peninsula is going to be wet. this cell around fremont. let's take a look at the wall of water moving toward the center of your screen where i have san francisco positioned. it stretches all the way up to sonoma county coast. everybody is going to get wet during the morning commute at least by about 7:00. let's take a look at those temperatures, how should you dress? very mild. we still have four areas in the 40s. napa, fairfield and concord and livermore, everybody else in the low to mid-50s. monitor lay bay, mid-50s. gilroy, 61 in salinas. periods of rain throughout the weekend. with high elevation and snow in the sierra. sue tells me you don't need chains and it may be easier to get through than it would normally be with a snowstorm developing in the higher country. chance of rain possibly in the
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next week but this is big deal in the seven-day forecast. here is the first storm, moving toward us, lifting mechanism and moves through we have best chance. some who had rat and heavy rain. here is how it pans out. you can see the waves coming through the lunch hour. stronger wave during the evening hours. that will lead to some steady rain overnight through saturday morning. we get a break midafternoon. here comes the next as we go into the evening hours. then by sunday afternoon you can see we're going to be cloudy but at least a lot drier and possibly able to get outside. rainfall totals up to three-quarters of an inch in the south bay. three-quarters of an inch in the south bay. up to 2-3 inches in our mountains. yes, this is bona fide healthy
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storm and second one coming in tomorrow. monday through wednesday best chances up in the north bay. dry for all of us in thanksgiving. >> we're going back to emeryville. we have a stalled big rig westbound just before powell street. it is still blocking lane number four. chp is on the scene with that. three right lanes are getting by. that stalled big rig getting a tow truck en route. it could be there for quite some time. we'll be following that, 80 westbound, you will be jammed as you head towards the macarthur maze. past that, toll plaza is very light. no problems here headed westbound into san francisco. take a look at golden gate bridge, wet ground across the span. north span road work has been picked up. southbound, down to four lanes for regular friday morning commute.
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no fog over the waldo grade. >> eric: bird's-eye view that bay area tourists won't be getting anymore. >> talk about a dedicated shopper. meet a woman who is giving new meaning to early-bird. >> today i'm talking to one of our favorite tv doctors, he is serving up strong medicine, tough love. dr. phil how the rules of life are changing and what you need to do to stay in the game. and why do men cheated particularly powerful men? looking forward to hearing his answer
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here is a look at vollmer peak looking over to san francisco. you can see rain is falling right now. as far north as fremont and it is heading down to colma and entire peninsula is getting wet. we'll start with that first and see fulton street down to alemany boulevard and colma, see the airport is getting wet. we'll have flight arrival delays larkspur drive, burlingame all the way down to san carlos. keep heading down to the south. mountain view, grant road. sunnyvale getting wet. this is headed to the east bayshore within the next 20
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minutes. >> eric: the air force is investigating a crash involving one of its newest warplanes. a pilot ejected just before the plane crashed near the florida panhandle. he was coming back to the air force base. nobody was hurt. f-22 is most advanced airplanes in the world. >> kristen: a bay area company that operates air shift is out of business this morning. air ship ventures says it is closing down. the company took passengers on joy rides as what is billed as one of the largest passenger air ship. a shortage in helium really hurt the company. >> six days to thanksgiving, that means seven more days until black friday. some people are already at the
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starting gate. they are lining up for the black friday sales. one store manager he doesn't recall ever lining up this early. alicia says she doesn't want to miss out on any billing bargains. >> you can take advantage of it and first come, first served. last year, black friday saw record sales. >> eric: nearly $400 can buy a whole lot of toys for a four-year-old. a sacramento boy decided to donate his money for charity. in return he got to spend the day with some heroes. this is soren spending day at sacramento fire station. he just wand money but had no plans to keep it. >> $393 of his birthday money to see a young man four years old. it was huge. >> eric: and it goes to the burn
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institute. nonprofit to help burn victims and their families. cute kids. >> kristen: that is great. all right. next, dispute between sheriff's. part of his job that he refusing to give up. >> and convenience store that anything but convenient to neighbors in a peninsula community. new direction the battle is taking. >> let's take a look at live doppler. we have light rain falling. moving across the bay bridge, heading towards berkeley, oakland and san leandro. next wave of water is moving towards the peninsula. all of us is going to get wet by 7:00 this morning. forecast, let's start over in south san francisco where we're going to have waves of rain all
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day today. we will be hover in the 50s. cpxp
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>> kristen: good morning on this friday. it's 5:30. this is the day you get wet at you wake up. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. let's find out where the rain is. >> good question. live doppler 7 hd. we're watching the rain move right into san francisco, daly city, colma, san bruno, san mateo all the way down to redwood city where it becomes more scattered in nature,
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mountain view and los gatos. we had a few showers moving out of contra costa but it is definitely moist this morning. this is the first shot of many waves of rain that is going to roll through our neighborhoods today. be prepared for wet weather at just about any time starting at 7:00 this morning. temperatures mainly in the low to mid-60s this afternoon. >> we have a big problem. sig alert in emeryville, westbound 80 just before powell street. you can sea the flares. it look like they have big rig moved out of the area but the traffic is blocked. only three left lanes are getting by. traffic backed the university so westbound problem support this morning. we'll follow that one for you. no metering lights, once you get on the span we have a stall on the s-curve blocking the right
5:32 am
lane. >> kristen: we'll continue to follow that situation off of 80 in emeryville. with rain starting to fall this morning, beginning with daly city neighborhood partially buried by mud. amy hollyfield is live near a hillside wherever crews are taking preventative measures. >> reporter: rain is on the way. this is what the city crews have prepared for. this is what residents have been worried about. city crews have lined the area with hay bales and net to go absorb any mud, water and debris if necessary. city officials tell us they feel confident that the measures will hold. here a sample of what residents are saying. >> just hope there is another mudslide going on. >> i'm pretty sure they had the engineers take a look what needs to be covered and what needs to
5:33 am
get done. hopefully what they decided should happen works. >> reporter: this is their fear, a repeat of the water invasion they experienced tuesday because of a water main break. concern is that the rain will shake loose and already weakened hillside. take a look. even the storm drains down the hill have protection around them. city officials say they think they have covered all of their bases. as a final layer of protection they want residents to keep an eye on as rain moves in and report any troubles the second they see it. >> kristen: looks like you are getting light rain down there daly city. you want to stai with us continuing coverage of the storm. we'll check in back with mike nicco in just a few minutes for a look where the rain is right now and where it is headed.
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follow the storm yourself at >> new this morning, in richmond district of san francisco shut down two separate intersections. they surrounded a van on fulton and 37th where a man and woman were sleeping illegally. they caught up to him between 42th and 43rd. he resisted arrests and starting having a medical problem. he was rushed to hospital with a life-threatening condition. no specifics on that and no other details have been released. >> kristen: san francisco sheriff. ross mirkarimi is refusing to give up domestic violence programs. according to the san francisco chronicle. mirkarimi is on probation after pleading guilty to false imprisonment for a new year's eve argument in which he bruised his wife's arm. he has sent a letter to the mayor no day to day role in the domestic violence prevention
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programs and has no reason to recuse himself. >> kristen: less than an hour from now, david petraeus will be the focus on capitol hill as he fields questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. he is set to appear before the house intelligence committee at 6:00 our time. that comes one week after he resigned over an extramarital affair. lawmakers will ask him what the agency knew about the september 11th terror attack in benghazi which killed a u.s. ambassador from the bay area and three other americans. >> eric: president obama meets today with top republicans and democrats in congress to talk about the looming fiscal cliff. congressional leaders will be at the white house to talk about averting automatic tax increases set to go into effect in january. he will meet with leaders of civil rights groups and other organizations to get their input. he spoke this week with labor
5:36 am
leaders and corporate ceos who have backed his call on hire taxes on people making $250,000 a year. >> they will decide the fate of a 7-eleven. more than a hundred residents listened as the city council and lawyers discuss the fuss of the new 7-eleven set to open on north san mateo drie. they are concerned because it was begin the go ahead to open that is not zoned for such a business. the site used to be an italian deli which was allowed to be there under a grandfather clause but it went out of business two years ago. >> we're continue to keep it up in good repair. >> kristen: residents say they are concerned that it will bring more crime, traffic and loitering to the neighborhood.
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lawyers for 7-eleven stand to lose about $4 million. >> jim harbaugh is expected to be back at work after being treated for an irregular heartbeat. 48-year-old underwent a minor procedure at stanford ford yesterday. he visited the 49er facility late in the afternoon before doctors sent him home. the ex-quarterback himself is expected back at practice in santa clara. it cause players by surprise but patrick willis said that harbaugh, quote is tougher an two dollar steak. >> holiday travel season gets underway and three major airports are braced for big crowds. san francisco expects more than 140,000 passengers to arrive or depart today. more people are expected to travel because of the improving economy. sfo says they expect to see a 3%
5:38 am
increase. >> eric: you might want to brace yourself for delays at sfo because we have rain moving into the area. >> kristen: mike nicco is looking to see where the rain is now. >> if you have flight tracker at the bottom of every page at here is a look at san francisco from coast to bayshore line. we have wet weather, light rain. we saw an update. this green means it's very light. you see daly city, south san francisco, pacifica getting a little light rain. headed down to burlingame, down to santa clara, foster city coming off the bridge. we're seeing a little light rain moving into 92 as you head over to half moon bay. wood land avenue, embarcadero road showing some light rain there. as you cross the dumbarton bridge, all the way up to niles boulevard in fremont, a little bit of light rain also.
5:39 am
this is just the beginning. you can see more and steadier rain is going to move in over the next half-hour or so. all of us will get wet weather by 7:00 and continue to have chance of rain into the evening hours. evening hours could find our heavier rain. we'll be back in the 50s by the time you head out this evening. wettest day more likely tomorrow. morning showers sunday but sunday afternoon through monday a little bit of a drying trend. >> sig alert is still in effect for 80 westbound. we had an earlier stalled big rig. it's blocking the two right lanes. big rig has been cleared so six lanes, four right lanes are getting by now. it's starting to ease out. we'll be following that for you. big rig has been cleared. that is good news.
5:40 am
bay bridge toll plaza, servicing light. we did have an earlier stall before the tunnel and that has been cleared out of the lanes, as well. another problem spotted, 680 before gregory lane, first reports of an accident. in the northbound direction first reports of an accident, solo spinout at stone valley road and check back with the chp in just a couple minutes. >> eric: outrage and anger in the south bay. parents demand how a convicted pedophile was allowed to be around dozens of children. >> and student dies after binge drinking at a party. the price they are paying this morning.
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welcome back. look at the golden gate bridge. light rain roll through. it is slick this morning. more of us is going to get wet weather through the morning commute. we have water on the peninsula right now. you can see it is rotate go to the northeast. watch out marin county, east bayshore line, rain is on the way for you. south bay we're getting some wet weather. this is just the beginning. wet weekend. >> eric: this morning, more disturbing questions being raised how a convicted pedophile in san jose was allowed to
5:44 am
volunteer at a school festival filled with children. this happened last month at st. francis elementary school. a parent recognized him and complained to a sheriff's deputy who was also at festival. when confronted, he produced a letter from archdiocese vouching for him. >> you are a sex offender, you are a sex offender for life. you don't have a right to be on school grounds. you can go to church or go to bingo but not allowed to be on this school. >> they say the letter was issued two years ago but refuses to say who wrote it or how it was justified. current church officials say it's not consistent with their policies. >> kristen: chico has suspended all the fraternities and so reortss following the binge drinking of a student. they are being forced to remove
5:45 am
their greek letters. a student died of binge drinking celebrating his birthday. they will be told in spring what steps they can take to be reinstated. >> eric: wake-up call for hotel guests. a device you may want to pack in your bag. >> kristen: still mourning the loss of a newborn suffers a double tragedy. one item they want a burglar to return. more on the
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5:48 am
radar on the sun set. on 28th avenue we have better chance of rain all the way up to geary. it extends to sausalito and turn ron. you can see there is definitely more water coming our way. the entire state is just about to get wet today with high elevation snow where it's going to be 48 in tahoe. most of us in the 50s and 60s no matter where you are traveling today. we have a winter weather advisory until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. five inches above 7,000 feet. >> eric: it is just about 5:49. an antioch mother is making a plea to burglars that took an
5:49 am
urn holding her baby's ashes. it contains the infant son that died earlier this year. their home was ransacked wednesday night and they say the thieves took electronics, jewelry and christmas gifts. she will likely never see the material things but desperately wants the urn back. >> violated my house and my children by coming in here but i just need, whether you you have it or know you have it or not, please return the urn. >> eric: antioch police will take any information on their tip line and we put that on the >> they approved the sale of the former headquarters of solyndra. it will go to sea gate technology that replace their current facility also in fremont. attorneys are appealing the ruling. it's 70% below the $300 million
5:50 am
costs of the facility. last year they shut down headquarters and filed for bankruptcy. the company had received a half billion dollar loan from the obama administration to build the factory. >> buster posey's amazing year is most valuable player we're. he took 27 of the 32 first place votes. he hit .336. 24 homers. he is the first national league catcher to win the mvp award since johnny bench did it 40 years. first giant to win it since barry bonds in 2004. he joins elite company with will any mace and will any mccovey. >> kristen: another sign of holidays are nearing in san francisco. today, macy's will unveil the
5:51 am
holiday window display at union square. it features kittens and puppies up for adoption. pets up for adoption and they will be in display windows until the beginning of january. >> window shopping today you may want to take the umbrella with you. >> they have that problem in emeryville but it is bad out there. >> it's worse at the beginning because the oil and water kind of mix and that creates slick conditions. it's going to get worse the weather and speaking of the spca we'll have perfect pet this afternoon at 11:00. join us for that. here we go. we are looking what looks to be a clear sky from sutro tower. that is where it is dry. live doppler 7-hd all water is
5:52 am
to west of sutro. out over to toward the ocean, reach over to places like oakland and alameda and berkeley and some it is starting to dip into the south bay. very light rain. just enough to make things slick up to hundredth of inch so far. it is starting to move in mountain view and cupertino and eventually will get down to los gatos and san jose. no flight arrival days but usually the next five for ten minutes they tell us. low to mid 50s to 58 in fremont. very mild this morning. mid-50s around the monterey bay. 61 in salinas. periods of rain through the weekend. high elevation snow in the sierra and another chance of rain next week but nothing like what we're going to deal with the next 48 hours or so. here is a look at that area of low pressure. you can see it rotating it's a way from the southwest to
5:53 am
northeast. it's mild and it's moist. it has tapped into some tropical air to a certain extent. that is what is creating the heavier amounts of rain and we'll have waves of water. we'll get tapering around the lunch area and heavier amounts during the evening hours and steady rain overnight. a little bit of a break tomorrow afternoon before the next system comes in from the north. this one doesn't have a lot of cold air behind it but it does have moisture. so another round of pretty healthy rain. sunday afternoon should be cloudy and mainly dry. check out rainfall totals from least amount down in the south bay, three-quarters. one to two inches in the north bay, two to three inches in our mountains beiflt time we get to monday, dry and wednesday is best chance in the north bay. >> new problem, this one on the
5:54 am
incline westbound bay bridge, five car accident. two right lanes blocked. you can see traffic bumper-to-bumper across the incline into san francisco. we'll take a look behind the toll plaza. metering lights are on. it's backed toward the maze. yes, adding insult an early stall on westbound 80 at powell street. that has been cleared but the chp is still there with two right lanes blocked off. best bet would be bart today. please take bart with the wet roads and two major problems. 80 westbound at powell, bart would be a great alternate. looking at waze app. very heavy traffic through albany. you maneuver all around this. this is free app available on the app store and great morning
5:55 am
to use your waze app. bart is great alternate. >> kristen: fed ex and ups are the targets of federal investigation. >> here is jane king. >> fed ex and ups may be shipping more than holiday gifts. they are under investigation into drugs that may have been illegally shipped by online pharmacies. they are cooperating with the investigation. they say the entire thing is absurd. they are asking to make a industry wide solution. the gap is seeing earning, sears has posted a loss and walmart posted lower earnings. a wake-up call for hotel guests. bring your own carbon monoxide detector. 8 people have died.
5:56 am
180 have been treated in the last three years. they say many hotels don't put the detectors in guest rooms possibly because of cost. i'm jane king. >> eric: the top official at post office says his agency is facing its own fiscal cliff. they are reporting a $16 billion loss. that is triple of the losses of the year before and they project more red ink for next year. they defaulted on billions of dollars of payments to avoid bankruptcy and has reached its borrowing limit. postmaster says it is crucial that coning passes a financial aid package. >> researchers at u.c. berkeley they found evidence that flame retardants can slow a child's development. many items like furniture contain chemicals and they concluded tests on pregnant mothers they have high levels of
5:57 am
that, their children scored poorly on a battery of tests. >> eric: next, we're keeping a close eye on the rain moving into the bay area. mike nicco will have the latest from live doppler 7-hd. >> kristen: how the wet weather is causing concerns for a daly city neighborhood partially buried by mud. >> the maker of twinkies reaches its expiration date. they are shutt
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>> eric: get ready for a rainy weekend. you are looking at golden gate bridge. how wet it is. mike nicco is track the storm on live doppler. >> kristen: breaking news, we learned that hostess is going out of business bringing an end to an 82-year-old company and loss of thousands of jobs

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 13, Us 11, Daly City 8, Oakland 5, Fremont 5, Mike Nicco 4, San Mateo 4, U.s. 4, Benghazi 4, David Petraeus 3, Burlingame 3, The City 3, Israel 3, Berkeley 3, Colma 3, Embarcadero 2, Salinas 2, Marin 2, Amy Hollyfield 2, Eric Thomas 2
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